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Powerful Principles for Presenters
Tips for Public Speakers Using
Proven Communication Techniques from
Commercials, Television, and Film Professionals

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New York - Communications consultant and media coach Batt Johnson has published a highly successful book on public speaking, Powerful Principles for Presenters. This practical how-to-do-it book provides effective tips for business professionals. It tells speakers how to deliver effective and persuasive messages and how to conquer fear and self-consciousness. Johnson's book is the first of its kind. It is targeted for busy professionals who do not have time to study but are required to master personal communication skills in a dot com world.

"Presenters who speak well and make their points clearly and effectively are better motivators," says Johnson. "Conquering the fear that often accompanies public speaking provides a competitive advantage for any executive, from a Fortune 500 company to a dot com start-up. My book is like a personal coach with tips for successful professionals who need to deal with media of all kinds."

Powerful Principles for Presenters outlines proven communication techniques from commercials, television and film professionals and explains how to use them effectively. Johnson identifies common problems for public speakers and offers immediate solutions. Each chapter has a self-improvement section allowing practitioners to improve their skills, identify action steps and measure results.

"One of my goals is to introduce business speakers to the skills that actors, broadcasters, politicians and other public speakers use to deliver their messages in all kinds of media," says Johnson. "There's no reason anxiety about public speaking should prevent business leaders from communicating persuasively and effectively."

Powerful Principles for Presenters: Tips for Public Speakers Using Proven Communication Techniques from Commercials, Television and Film Professionals is available from,, and $12.95 ISBN 0-595-09362-0 iUniverse is a division of Barnes & Noble and Writer's Digest Magazine.

What readers say about Batt Johnson's book Powerful Principles for Presenters:

"The style of Batt Johnson's book makes me feel that I am working directly with a coach." Dr. Carol Robbins-Director, Off-Campus College, Cornell University

"The next best thing to learning from Batt Johnson in person is what you've got in your hands. He's a master communicator, and this is a great guide to his technique." Lisa Napoli-Internet Correspondent, MSNBC-TV

"This book is an exhaustive how-to guide which will provide a primer for the rookie and an effective refresher for the seasoned veteran." Rapheal M. Prevot Jr.-Labor Relations Counsel, National Football League

"As a financial professional, the tips have proved invaluable in the art of friendly persuasion." John Krysko-Financial Planner, American Express Company

"Thoughtful, insightful, and inspirational! Powerful Principles for Presenters offers instruction on the execution of many things you always wanted to do but were afraid to do." Renee L. Harris-Associate Director, Marketing & Management Institute-New York University

"These techniques helped me overcome the fear of my first live TV broadcast and gave me confidence for a successful and enjoyable experience." Lisa L. Parisi, CFA-Managing Director, Valenzuela Capital Partners LLC

"All the busy businessperson needs to make presentations with impact is here in Batt Johnson's book. You owe it to your audience to read and use this!" Nancy Rosanoff-Past President, National Speakers Assn. and author of Making Money Through Intuition

"Batt Johnson's unique insights and techniques have helped me become even more successful as a professional speaker." Pamela Harper-President, Business Advancement Inc.

"With every aspect of life moving at an accelerated pace - there is often little time for training. This is an effective solution." Chrysa Chin-Professional Sports Executive

"It all starts with the right mental attitude toward public speaking and presentations, and Batt Johnson gives many attainable tips that work!" Nina Kaufman-Counselor at Law, Paltrowitz & Kaufman, New York

"Batt Johnson's insight, intellect, and experience helped him create a very user-friendly and complete text of tips. Some of these concepts I have never seen or heard of before." Terrie M. Williams-President/CEO, The Terrie Williams Agency and author of The Personal Touch

"Batt Johnson's concise, cut-to-the-chase instructions have provided me with a clear pathway to improving how I communicate everyday." D. Scott Harper-Ph.D Section Director, Warner Lambert Company

"Whether a beginner or professional speaker, Batt Johnson's interactive book will help you personalize the craft of public communication." Quincy McCoy-author of No Static: A Guide to Creative Radio Programming

"Batt Johnson's book is direct, easy to read, and useful. I recommend it to others regularly and use it myself." Mary Ann Allison-Chairman and Chief Cybernetics Officer, Allison-LoBue Group and author of The Complexity Advantage

"Batt Johnson's book is great reference material. A glance through it before all presentations is a must!" Catherine Gale-Manager, Irish Tourist Board


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Teaching the Art of Communication for Public Persuasion

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